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Compelling Films Come to Salem

I picked up (or was it handed to me?) the Salem Film Fest 2013 Schedule yesterday, and there are some really interesting films.  Most interesting, apparently, is the showing of West of Memphis because it has already sold out.  The message there is this: Buy the Festival pass if you don't want to be on the wrong side of a screening door.  Also notable is the "Movie Trailers" party at Finz on Friday night, which is being promoted as the place to go if you are having trouble deciding which film(s) should capture your attention.

This is a documentary film festival, and a highly-regarded one, so the film topics are not warm-and-fuzzy. They are real, in-depth looks at various topics.  There is even a film about making Frontline, and there is a corresponding forum with the producers of PBS's Frontline, which sounds very cool. 


There are 34 films screening between March 7 and March 14 at CinemaSalem, the Peabody Essex Museum, and the Salem Regional Visitor Center.  There is a film about the life of school buses when they are no longer school buses (did you know many of them end up in Guatemala?), there is a film about marathon runners from Ethiopia, and a film about prisoners finding redemption through fashion.  There are films about war, about sex, about music, about politics, and about dreams.  There's even a film about the theft of the Mona Lisa.  (Wait a minute - when was the Mona Lisa stolen?)

And there are unique events and opportunities to hear from the directors and producers of the documentaries, and to see the work of tomorrow's documentaries. 

In shore, the Salem Film Fest is a very cool place to be for the next week, and if you haven't picked at least one film to see, now is the time.  Come to Salem. See the world.

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