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2015 Salem Film Fest

Film Spotlight: Shoulder the Lion

Shoulder The Lion will make its East Coast premiere at Salem Film Fest, Saturday March 7th, at 5:30pm. 

The film is comprised of a photographer who is blind, a brain injured painter who's story inspired the Academy Award® winning film "Million Dollar Baby," and a musician reinventing his future due to his hearing loss. 

Three artists, three tragedies. The usual story told in a very unusual way. Words inspire Alice Wingwall’s photographs, even though she happens to be blind; after Katie Dallam loses half her brain function in a boxing match, painting and sculpting become her only lifeline; advancing noise in his ears destroys Graham Sharpe’s musical aspirations, but he also runs the most successful independent music festival in Ireland.

The film takes viewers on a journey into the lives of these artists through haunting images that avoid prosaic documentation. Talking is largely eschewed in favor of long meaningful shots trying to put form to indescribable, making for a rare film that is more an artwork in itself. The film asks serious questions about art, self-image, and the meaning of images and sound, but leaves it to the audience to work through the answers.

"STL" has just been selected for Hot Docs 2015, in Toronto. It had it's world premiere at Palm Springs International Film Festival and played two sold-out screenings. 

"Unusual sensorial experience...the Rebiszes don’t settle for simple interviews, and have carefully edited in a lot of suggestive images and worked on an immersive soundscape that help suggest in audiovisual terms what the ideas, pain, struggles and thought processes of the artists must have been like."   - Boyd van Hoeij (The Hollywood Reporter)

"Superbly crafted art film. [...] Don't miss this one if art is in any way part of your life. Even more so if it is not."  - Robin E. Simmons (CV Weekly)

See Shoulder the Lion this Saturday at Salem Film Fest.  The filmmakers will be present for Q&A. 

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