The Witchery

Modern Witch, Halloween

Home of the Tarot Experience – ongoing multimedia show featuring live music, performance art, video and more! Group and individual tarot reading, art, and gifts. Group bookings year-round for shows and events.

Tarot Sessions: Salem & Tarot go hand-in-hand. Tarot Sessions are a great way to explore the tarot with friends. Using symbols, intuition and traditional meanings, you will learn to develop a relationship with the cards. Anyone can read tarot cards. The images are universal and available to all!

Spell Casting Sessions:  What would your visit to Salem be without diving into the world of magick? These personalized sessions take you through the steps of crafting and casting your very own spell. Learn how to create your own altar, call in the elements, set your intentions & more!

Groups are welcome for both Tarot Sessions and Spell Casting Sessions. Prices vary, please see website for details.

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61 Wharf Street on Pickering Wharf, Salem, MA 01970